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Hi there, is an another e-commerce website for whom looking for genuine shopping cart Today, I am forced to learn about a new function in excel. Basically, it is not new but very few will know/use this function. The function name is EVALUATE. This is basically a macro function which is available in Excel 4.0 version. You can also see an alternative functions like this in my previous posts, in List FileNames in a Folder and Count Worksheets in a Workbook. EVALUATE function have a flavour of INDEX function. Not exactly but just a flavour. This function works in macro enabled workbooks only. Let's see why we use and how to utilize this function on our requirements on day-to-day excel works. Sometimes, when we write a formula and to display it to the audience to know which formula we have used we will add ' (single apostrophe) in the start of the formula. So that it will not show the results but display the complete formula. Say, we have few calculations mentioned in a cell without giving = (is equal to) symbol, like more »

DGET Function

Howdy, DGET function is a function used to extract single value from a database. Here is a requirement where I use DGET to achieve the results. I have a database in which, it contains my online training courses with training band and the course fees (before tax and after tax) for Ms.Office Products. If the list of trainings are limited, we can look at the table and confirm the prices. Here you will find limited courses however, the big platforms like COURSERA or UDACITY or UDEMY which gives free and paid courses. For them, it is very difficult to find the fees for the new enquiries. And, if they want to use Excel (excel is affordable as well) to track the course fees for new enquiries can use like below. more »

Happy Republic Day

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Hi there,   Today is our 66th Indian Republic Day. Happy Republic Day to one and all.   more »

Mr.Obama in India Today

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Mr. President, The United States of America's president is invited as a cheif guest for Indian Republic Day. more »

Dynamic Use of 3D Formulas

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Hi there,   What is 3D formulas? Where to use 3D formulas? When to use 3D formulas? Can we use 3D dynamically? These are some of the questions which comes to mind when hearing this for the first time. This post is developed from the inspiration of…3D formulas or 3D references are something which helps in calculating a cell or range of cells from more than one sheet, of same cell reference. more »

BOOM!!! Excel 2016 is coming soon...

Excel 2016
Hi there, Its a great news for all the Excel Lovers like you and me listening to this right? Yes, Microsoft is planning to release his next new version of Office, which is Office 2016. I hope, we can see lots of new features in this version as well, like we saw in existing versions. This Office 2016 is coming in the middle of the year, 2015. To glance few of the new features, it works richer in Windows 10 on versions like Desktop version, Android versions, Ipads and Tabs. The richer, which means, touch and activate mode with lots of ease in using the features on Windows 10. Its a great news for all the Excel Lovers like you and me listening to this right? Yes, Microsoft is planning to release new version of Office which Office 2016. Of-course there will be lot of new features which are going to see in the mid… more »
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