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Pivot Table Width Unchange (pivot tip)

Pivot Tutorial
Hi there,   I was very busy in doing my tutorials, maintaining different business all at once and doing it alone (ofcourse my wife, sushma, will support a lot) is making me busy the whole day. Mean time, I need to master my skills to share it with yo… more »

Divide and Rule (Mastering Excel Skills)

Tutorial, Master @ Home
Hi there, Master Your Excel Skills (Basics as well as Advanced Topics) To make you easy to master your excel skills, I have come up with a great idea called "Divide and Rule" policy. This means that there are few videos available to master your excel skills bit by bit. Paying a huge amount to tutorials might be difficult to few of them, so keeping them in mind I have provided an opportunity to purchase which ever topic you like to master your skills on Excel. Here we go: more »

Avoid Formula Rebuilding (small tip)

Formulas, Excel Tips
Hi there, I have a small tip for who use more on Excel Formulas. Let me get into the topic. While working on formulas sometimes we want to pause the formula or recheck the cell addresses to mention in the formula or to check back what we forget, in this scenario, we will remember while we are in between the formula and we are almost to end. But we have to confirm to set the formula or function right. importance of apostrophe in formula more »

Group SUM of them

Formulas, Tutorial, Arrays, ActiveX & Form Controls, 3D-formulas
Hi there, This post is consolidation of SUM of the posts that I have wrote earlier. The reason for why I am grouping them is to let you know how many ways the simple SUM function can be used in our day to day reporting. Let me proceed to first example: more »

Difference Between - "Forecast" & "Trend"

Formulas, Arrays
Hi there,   Forecast: It is something which assumes for future. The expectations of future numbers interms of company's growth can be called as Forecast. Trend: It is something which represents for current day. Say the trend of the youth in today's generation is carrying Android Mobiles. Similarly, interms of Excel understanding: Forecast for a single value and trend for multiple values. FORECASTcomputes a single new y value for a single new x value where as TREND is more suited to data points in a series such as a time series, and is capable of computing multiple y values for multiple new x values more »

DIMPLE on My Chart

Hi there, Do you like dimple? Of-course I like dimple on a girl's cheek but not on a Excel chart. Do You? Of-course, you are. I know you like on a girl's cheek but I am asking in excel chart. :) Fine, I will explain the problem and the solution about dimple chart using 4 pics. These four pics will conclude the post of today. more »
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