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Hi there,   PRE-HISTORY: EXPONDIST is basically a function which returns the exponential distribution value for the given x value.   Eg: This function actually finds the time between the events such as ATM machine gives the money so, this function… more »


Hi there,   more »

6 Mind Blowing Games in Excel

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Hi there, [adsense:] Many of us know Excel is just an application to use for calculating, analysing, manipulating, presenting and backing up data. But you know, we can also use Excel for entertainment. Yes, Entertainment! Here are the six mind blowing games which are created in Excel by six great Excel Lovers. more »

BETA.DIST Function

Hi there, [adsense:] PRE-HISTORY: BETA.DIST is basically a function which calculates the cumulative beta distribution or to study variation in the percentage of something across the activities. Eg: Percentage of people spend their fraction of day on our blog ( This function is introduced in Excel 2010 version. Before the users are using BETADIST function which is less accuracy than BETA.DIST more »

List of Excel Functions (2003, 2007, 2010, 2013)

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The number of functions in excel application is getting added by version to version, however lets start with excel 2003 version. more »

Meet Our Excel MVP's (110)

Hi there,   Every Excel Enthusiast dreams. Every Excel Geek Works. Every Excel user Learns.   I am speaking about EXCEL MVP's. MVP is defined as Microsoft Valuable Professional. This is an award given to all the excel users who contribute their k… more »
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