Archives for: July 2015

Import / Export Quick Access Toolbar

Hi there,   In this post, we will discuss on how to import/export Quick Access Toolbar. I mean, we can use the same favorites that we kept in QAT in one system (might be personal system) and on the other system (Office system as well). Howto?   We a… more »

Box & Whisker Plot Chart (How To:)

Hi there,   In this post, we will look into a very challenging but very interesting chart for reporting users. The chart name is Box and Whisker Plot Chart. This chart will give the better understanding of the data in terms of visual presentation. Her… more »

10 + Highlights of Excel 2016

Excel 2016
Hi there,   Microsoft Excel 2016 is going to launch officialy in the fourth quarter of this year. However, pre-release is quite awesome and experienced many new features and to most of us.We have seen First Look of Excel 2016 and we also looked into F… more »

Brief History on Excel Template (about)

Hi there,   In this post, we will brief about Excel Template. This is a model that serves as the basis for something else. In a long run these templates will save lot of time and effort of the reporting analyst. Do you know that there are so many temp… more »

Hierarchy of Operators in Formulas

Come and see how effective we can use operators in excel formulas. Explore them and suggest your ideas! more »

Awesome Charts for Sale!!!

Hi there,   In this post, we will look at some of the awesome charts which are not available in Charts group but available in "Apps for Office".   Few Awesome Charts Are: Bing Maps:  more »
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