Count "Mondays" Between Two Dates

Formulas, How-to's
Hi there, FORMULA: =SUMPRODUCT(--(TEXT(ROW(INDIRECT(end_date&":"&start_date)),"DDDD")="specific_day")) EXPLANATION: more »

Hierarchy of Operators in Formulas

Come and see how effective we can use operators in excel formulas. Explore them and suggest your ideas! more »

Excel Collections

Excel Collection
These excel links collection has a worth spending time to read and explore. This week you will be ending up with these links. See you in the Next week!!! more »


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Hi there,   I am working on one of the report to my client and there is a scenario where I need to select particular word (which is placed in as column header)  more »

List of Excel Functions (2003, 2007, 2010, 2013)

Formulas, Excel2013
The number of functions in excel application is getting added by version to version, however lets start with excel 2003 version. more »

Hidden Tip About SUMPRODUCT

Hi there, [adsense:] SUMPRODUCT and SUMIFS are the most powerful functions which extracts filtered data. SUMPRODUCT is the most powerful function where as SUMIFS is the fast best function to pull the data because of the impact on file size. As per the documents, SUMPRODUCT will multiplies the array values and sum's each of them. But, it also does the calculation based on the explicit value for each array given in the function. more »
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